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Procurement & Contracts

1600 Holloway Ave
Corporation Yard 140
San Francisco, CA 94132


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The Procurement & Contracts department's mission is to provide excellent service to all we serve. Procurement endeavors to obtain the best prices and the highest quality products and services for the faculty, staff and students. Procurements' mission is to work with accuracy, efficiency, and harmony to maximize the resources available for the whole campus community.

User Services


Director of Procurement Voice Fax Email
Stephen Smith 338-3879 338-1984
Assistant Director
Haro Kagemoto 338-2547 338-1984
Associate Procurement Officer
Laura Balaban 338-7124 841-5018
Associate Procurement Officer
Megan Dobbyn 338-1837 841-5020
Contracts Coordinator
Rose O. Balancio 405-3654 405-0431
Procurement Systems Analyst
Deanna Tam 405-3511 841-5015
Buyer II Lead
Nancy Trinh 338-2952 841-5066
Buyer II
Maritza Rodriguez-Vivas 338-1456 338-1984
Buyer I
Cynthia Zhang 338-1833 841-5024

Operating Principles

We strive for timely and accurate response for our internal and external customers.
We go the extra mile to serve the campus community.
We are part of the solution.
We acknowledge and support good service and accomplishment of others.
We communicate clearly, patiently and politely.
We believe in sharing information.
We promote teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.
We appreciate new ideas and encourage innovation.
We are professional in our work relationships and in our actions.
We apply these principles in our daily work relationships and in our actions.

Forms and Manuals

Forms Format Size Date
OfficeMax Agreement & FMS Access Request Form PDF 149kb 10/8/2010
OfficeMax - Stationary Account Request Form PDF 272kb 2/9/2010
OfficeMax - Stationary Account Request Form ORSP Users PDF   6/18/2008
OfficeMax - Stationary Change Order Form PDF   10/25/2006
OfficeMax - Stationary Change Order Form ORSP Users PDF   10/25/2006
Forms 204 - Vendor Data Record PDF   9/22/2006
Delegation of Authority PDF   9/22/2006
PO Change/Finalization Request Form Excel   4/18/2013
Interim Requisition Form PDF   4/30/2010
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