Procurement & Support Services

1600 Holloway Ave, Corporation Yard 140, San Francisco, CA 94132
Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM

Procurement and Support Services provides for the efficient and effective handling of campus acquisition and contracting needs in accordance with statutory requirements and CSU policy governing the responsible stewardship of State resources. While maintaining a focus on compliance the department also emphasizes a strong commitment to customer service. As the liaison between campus units and the US Postal Services, UPS, Fed Ex and other carrier services Shipping/Receiving and Mail Services handle the distribution of all incoming and outgoing freight, mail and parcels insuring that incoming items are delivered to the intended destination and that outgoing items are safety shipped via the most effective means available. Through its Property Office, the department monitors the acquisition, utilization and disposal of University owned tangible assets in accordance with policy requirements and best practice accounting procedures.


Megan Dobbyn
Procurement & Distribution Services, Director

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