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Forms Format Size Date
Trust and Special Project Agreement PDF 185kb 3/21/2014
Budget Request for Trust Accounts PDF 48.9kb 11/26/2001
CRS Account Request PDF 42.3kb 06/16/2005
Scholarship / Award Request PDF 152kb 11/08/2007
Stop Payment / Check Replacement Application PDF 246kb 03/06/2014
Modification Request Form DOC 55kb 09/21/2006
Chartfield Request Form EXCEL 30kb 09/22/2006
Journal Upload Template EXCEL 55.5kb 04/10/2009
Transfer Payment Request PDF 117kb 04/10/2008
Department ID Request/Change Form EXCEL 25.5kb 08/20/2008
Department ID Request/Change Form PDF 53.2kb 08/20/2008
Procedure Manuals Format Size Date
Record Retention Policy - ORSP PDF 50.3kb 08/16/2006
Transfer Payment Request Procedures PDF 12.3kb 05/24/2007
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Accounts Payable

Forms Format Size Date
Delegation of Authority PDF 252kb 05/24/2011
Direct Pay Request PDF 169 MB 03/09/2012
Procurement Card Application Packet - Non ORSP users PDF 158kb 10/12/2011
Procurement Card Application Packet - ORSP users PDF 204kb 10/12/2011
Vendor 204 Data Record Form PDF 2.10 MB 06/27/2011
Wire Transfer Funds Request Form PDF 17.0kb 02/05/2010
Procedure & Manuals
AP Policy re: 3rd Party Payments PDF 62.5kb 02/21/2008
Approval of Vendor Invoices PDF 18.7kb 04/01/2008
Direct Payment/Low Value Purchase Policy PDF 23.9kb 03/09/2012
Guidance for Payments to Foreign Nationals PDF 163kb 02/28/2011
Merchant Incentives PDF 26.6kb 05/05/2008
Procurement Credit Card Program PDF 194kb 07/13/2000
Payment of Student Ed Expenses PDF 26.8kb 05/07/2008
PCard Prices Tolerances PDF 27kb 05/05/2008
Reimbursement of Employee Expenses PDF 28.1kb 04/29/2010
Procedures Concerning University Sales Activities PDF 25.0kb 12/15/2009
Process of Obtaining Vendor Data Record PDF 16kb 01/03/2007
Project Cash Advance Policy PDF 28.9kb 06/24/2010
Vista Room Block Tickets Procedure PDF 27.0kb 02/14/2008
Wire Transfer Payments PDF 39.0kb 02/03/2010
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Fiscal Affairs Business Systems (FABS)

Forms Format Size Date
New Employee Check List (for Fiscal Affairs employees) PDF 149kb 10/22/2014
Modification Request Form DOC 63kb 04/16/2010
CFS & Finance Reporting Access Request Form PDF 112 KB 07/25/2013
CFS & Finance Reporting (BI) Access for Position Changes and Transfers PDF 47 KB 07/19/2013
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Distribution Services

Forms Format Size Date
Survey Request PDF 43kb 02/15/2010
Equipment Lost Report PDF 56kb 02/15/2000
Equipment Relocation PDF 8kb 12/08/2003
SFSU Gift In-Kind Acceptance PDF 53kb 02/15/2000
SWAP Shop Request Form PDF 30kb 03/05/2000
Equipment Use Authorization PDF 7kb 02/18/2014
Procedure Manuals
Property Management Manual     04/03/2000
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Fiscal Services

Forms Format Size Date
University Short Term Loan Application PDF 358kb 08/16/2006
Payment Extension for Short Term Loan Form PDF 16kb 08/16/2006
Authorization to Disburse Check to a Third Party PDF 358kb 08/16/2006
Direct Deposit Authorization Form      
Direct Deposit Cancellation Form PDF 27kb 08/16/2006
Application for Forbearance PDF 24kb 02/20/2000
Application for Hardship/Employment PDF 24kb 02/20/2000
Authorization Agreement for Automatic Direct Draft PDF 28kb 02/20/2000
Request for Federal Perkins Student Loan Cancellation PDF 28kb 02/20/2000
Request for Federal Perkins Student Loan Deferment PDF 28kb 02/20/2000
Imaging System Access Request Form PDF 89.3kb 11/30/2007
Procedure Manuals
Expanded Deferment and Cancellation Provisions PDF 44kb 02/20/2000
Facts about Student Loans PDF 16kb 02/20/2000
Facts about Federal Perkins Student Loan PDF 12kb 02/20/2000
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Procurements & Contracts

Forms Format Size Date
OfficeMax Agreement & FMS Access Request Form PDF 149kb 10/08/2010
OfficeMax - Stationary Account Request Form PDF 272kb 02/09/2010
OfficeMax - Stationary Account Request Form ORSP Users PDF 73.7kb 05/06/2010
OfficeMax - Stationary Change Order Form PDF 82.6kb 10/25/2006
OfficeMax - Stationary Change Order Form ORSP Users PDF 166kb 10/25/2006
Form 204 - Vendor Data Record PDF 110kb 02/02/2011
PO Change/Finalization Request Form EXCEL 11.5kb 09/22/2006
PO Transmittal Form EXCEL 11.5kb 09/22/2006
Interim Requisition Form PDF   04/30/2010
Sole Source/Sole Brand Justification PDF 36.1kb 01/09/2009
Procedure Manuals
North State Environmental MEA PDF 21.4MB 09/22/2006
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Travel Forms Format Size Date
U.S. Bank Corporate Travel Card Application EXCEL 67.0kb 01/18/2011
Authorization to Travel/Travel Advance Request Form PDF 518kb 03/11/2011
Authorization to Travel / Travel Advance Request Form for ORSP travellers PDF 84.5kb 05/13/2011
Driving on State Business/Defensive Driver Training Information and Required Forms HTML  
Foreign Travel Insurance Information and Required Forms HTML  
Tax Waiver Form - Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Exemption Certificate For State Agencies PDF 42kb  
Combined Travel Claim and Itemized List of actual Expenses (for travel prior to January 1, 2014) EXCEL 66kb 01/01/2014
Combined Travel Claim and Itemized List of actual Expenses (for travel on or after January 1, 2014) EXCEL 66kb 01/01/2014
Authorization for Exception to the Travel Policy PDF 77kb 04/05/2013
Travel Bulletins
International Travel Bulletin - October 2010 DOC 55kb 10/12/2010
Restrictions on International Travel DOC 64kb 01/2009
Travel Bulletin, January 2011 DOC 52kb 01/2011
Travel Bulletin Required Approvals, July 2011 DOC 63.5kb 07/07/2011
Travel Bulletin, April 2011 DOC 53.5kb 04/22/2011
Travel Bulletin - Travel Card Program DOC 55.0kb 02/25/2011

Currency Converter
Link to Oanda HTML  
Travel Policy
The CSU Travel Policy HTTP  
Campus - Specific Travel Requirements DOC 44.5KB 04/22/2011
Federal Per Diem Rates HTTP  
Subsistence Summary DOC 62KB 02/01/2011
The CSU Travel Policy Training Webinar DOC 56KB 12/10/2010
Connexxus Training PPT PPT 5.40MB 02/08/2011
Use Login: fasted/fasted4csu    
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Personnel Forms

Forms Format Size Date
Absence and Additional Time Worked Report - STD 634 PDF 07/2010
Student Assistant/Work Study Voucher PDF 150kb 09/18/2006
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Auxiliary Business Services

Procedure Manuals & Codes Format Size Date
Policies & Procedures for CSU Auxiliary Organizations      
California Education Code      
Record Retention Policy - Auxiliary Business Services PDF 189 KB 11/29/2011
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Forms Format Size Date
Request For Payment/Reimbursement of Hospitality Expenses PDF 76.6kb 08/2002
Authorization for Exception to the Hospitality Policy EXCEL 16.5kb 08/2002
List Of Employees / Guest For Meal Reimbursement PDF 62.0kb 10/2002
Procedure Manuals      
Hospitality Policy effective 4/1/2012 PDF 68 KB 4/2012
Hospitality Purchasing Procedures PDF 9 KB 6/2007
Hospitality Policy Hightlights PPT 269 KB 3/2012
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Forms Format Size Date
OneCard Refund Request Form PDF 388 KB 3/2014
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Bursar's Office

Forms Format Size Date
Bursar's Office forms PDF 09/18/2006
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