Fiscal Services / Loans & Collections

1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 358, San Francisco, CA 94132

(415) 338-1728
Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM

The Fiscal Services is a Department within the Fiscal Affairs and is responsible for Loans and Collections, Perkins Loan, Short Term Loans, Plus Parent Loans, Imaging Control and Document control, Vendor Administration, Disbursement of Faculty, Staff, Student Payroll and University checks.


  • Short Term Loan Services The purpose of the Short Term Loan Program is to assist registered students with unanticipated, school-related expenses. Loans are not available for payment of registration fees. All loans are subject to the availability of funds.
  • Student Loan Collections Works closely with students while they are in school regarding their Perkins and CA Dream Loans (the application and approval being handled by the Financial Aid Office, as for other types of Financial Aid). Then, when students leave school, this unit continues to work with the former students regarding the repayment of these loans.
  • Disbursement OfficeThe Disbursement Office is the University centralized processing area for distribution of checks and supporting documents. Select categories below for specific distribution methods and locations.

Other Services

Short Term Loan Services

The purpose of the Short Term Loan Program is to assist registered students with unanticipated, school-related expenses. Loans are not available for payment of registration fees. All loans are subject to the availability of funds.


Application Instructions

  • Go to University Short Term Loan
  • Supply documentation to support your need for the loan.
  • Supply proof of income (i.e. most recent pay stub, verification of SSI, AFDC, Child Support/Alimony, etc.).
  • Submit supporting documents to the Loans and Fiscal Services Department - ADM 358.

Your loan will be denied if your application is incomplete, or if it is missing required supporting documentation.

  • In order to be eligible for the loan, you must demostrate the ability of repaying the loan.
  • Current academic year Financial Aid cannot pay for prior academic year obligation.
  • Once a loan check is issued, a loan obligation will be posted to your record for repayment. The financial hold will prevent you from adding/dropping for your classes.


Loans are available in $50.00 increments up to a maximum of $500.00.
A $5.00 Application Fee is deducted from the amount loaned.
The loan is payable as set forth in the Short-Term Loan Payment Schedule.
Your first payment is due approximately 30 days from the loan date; if you have multiple installments, payments are due on the same date each month (see payment Schedule).
A $10.00 Late Charge will be assessed for each late payment. Interest of 6% per annum will begin to accrue the day following the first missed installment.

Repayment Instructions

Payments are to be made at the Bursar's Office, ADM 155, on or before the due date(s).
If you are receiving Campus-Based Financial Aid, your loan will be deducted from your disbursable award at the time of disbursement, regardless of the due date(s) of the loan.

Loan Processing Time

You may expect a decision on your loan application in three (3) business days from the time you submitted your completed application. Your application will not be considered complete until you have provided proof of income and any other documents required by the Fiscal Services Office. An email notification will be sent to you on the status of your application. When your Short Term Loan is ready for pick up, we will send an email notification to notify you to pick up your check.

To Qualify For Loan Approval

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Your registration fees must be fully paid or you must be current on the fee installment plan.
  • You must be a regular University student enrolled at least half-time. (These loans are not available to Extended Education Students for Fall and Spring semesters; however, students who enroll through CEL classes during Summer are qualified for the loan request)
  • You must not have any other unpaid financial obligations with SFSU.
  • You must have paid back previous Short-Term Loans on time.
  • You must demonstrate that you have sufficient resources with which to repay the loan according to the terms.

If Your Application Is Denied

If your application was incomplete or required documents were missing, you may submit a new, complete application with all required documents.
If your application was denied because we could not verify that you had sufficient resources to repay the loan or if we deemed the stated purpose of your loan request outside the program's parameters, you may PETITION to have your application reconsidered.

To Revise Your Repayment Schedule

Because you are unable to make your loan payment on or before the due date:
Contact Fiscal Services, ADM 358, Linda Nguyen (415)338-2366 to request a new repayment schedule.
There is no $10.00 late charge assessed if your request is made and approved prior to the original due date.
You may revise your repayment schedule only once.

SFSU's Policy On Defaulted Loans

Default is defined as failure to make any installment payment when it is due. If you default on your Short Term Loan obligation, SFSU may:
Withhold all University services, including transcripts and future registration.
Demand that you pay the entire loan balance, plus late charges and accrued interest immediately.
Report your defaulted loan to credit bureau organizations.
Refer your loan to a professional collection, which would result in your paying not only your loan balance, but the collection agency's fees.
File suit and obtain a judgment against you in Municipal court. You would be responsible for paying all reasonable collection costs and legal fees.
Offset your State income tax refunds to repay your loan.
Make you ineligible to receive any future Short-Term Loans.


Perkins Loan Information

Federal Perkins Student Loans Billing Agency

Educational Computer systems, Inc.:
Deferment information and downloadable forms for Perkins/CA Dream Loans

Student Loan Collections

Works closely with students while they are in school regarding their Perkins and CA Dream Loans (the application and approval being handled by the Financial Aid Office, as for other types of Financial Aid). Then, when a student leaves school, this unit continues to work with the former student regarding the repayment of these loans.

Additionally, the Student Loan Collections Office handles the application for and authorizes approval of short-term Emergency Loans. These are available to qualified students with unanticipated educational expenses.

Accelerated Payments

You can pay future installments without penalty; however, these Accelerated Payments will not apply to future bills unless you do the following:

Attach a written request to your payment;

include enough monies to cover all amounts due plus the complete amount for bills you want to cover.

NOTE: Fees that become due might preclude accelerated payments from covering the bills you indicate. Payments in excess of the amounts due that do not cover complete future installments will apply to the loan balance, thus reducing the interest that will accrue.

Deferment Of Payments

Repayment of principal and interest is not required during deferred periods, and the 10-year repayment period can be interrupted. In order to receive deferment, you must report your eligibility for deferred status to your lending institution or its billing agent, ECS1, Inc., on the appropriate deferment request form. Mail your form immediately upon receipt of the first bill after you are eligible for deferment status. If you are unable to make your payments and are not eligible for the following deferments, contact your Lending Institution.

Federal Perkins Loans made on or After July 1, 1993 might qualify for deferment benefits stated below.
Enrolled in an institution of higher learning and pursuing at least a half-time course of study;
Pursuing a course of study in an approved fellowship program or approved rehabilitation training program for disabled individuals (This entitlement does not include a medical internship or residency program.);
Experiencing economic hardship. (3-year limit);
Engaged in services described under the cancellation provisions; and
A residency program in dentistry.
Federal Perkins Loans made on or After July 1, 1993 through June 30, 1993 might qualify for deferment benefits stated below, as well as those applicable to loans received before July 1, 1987.
Internship or residency program in a hospital or health-care facility offering postgraduate training and leading to a degree/certificate awarded by an institution of higher education. (2-year limit)
Temporary total disability for borrower or spouse. (3-year limit)
Temporary total disability of a dependent in your care preventing you from attending school or from being employed. (3-year limit)
Active duty in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps. (3-year limit)
Parental leave deferment if the following provisions are met by you: (6-month limit)
The mother of preschool age children and are entering or re-entering the work force making less than $1 more than federal minimum wage. (12-month limit)
Federal Perkins Loans Prior to July 1, 1987 - See promissory note.

Teacher Cancellation Benefits

Borrowers performing teaching services might be eligible for cancellation credit that can be applied toward payments of loan principal and accrued interest. A teacher is defined as one who is a professional employee of a school or school system working on a full-time basis and is devoted to providing classroom instruction or related services in support of the education program.

Handicapped Students - Teacher working in classes where the majority of the students are handicapped and in an institution providing elementary or secondary education as determined by state law.

Low Income - Teachers or staff members serving in public or nonprofit private elementary or secondary schools having high concentrations of students from low-income families. However, the school in which teaching service is performed must be included in the listing of schools having High Concentration of Students From Low-Income Families, which is published in the Federal Register. (The High Concentrations of Student from Low-Income Families is a document compiled each year by the federal government from lists submitted by the individual states of schools designated by those states to have a high concentration of students from low-income families. Each state, however, is given a quota of schools to be listed and not all schools having high concentration of students from low-income families will be listed. Only those schools listed will be considered for special cancellation benefits.)

Up to 100% of the student loan funds disbursed can be canceled for teaching service performed as detailed above in the following increments:
15% for each of the first two years of teaching service.
20% for both the third and fourth years of such service.
30% for the fifth year of service.

Preschool - Full-time staff member in a preschool program carried under section 222(a)(1) of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as amended, that is operated for a period comparable to a full school year. Employment must be in a full-time professional capacity to complete the educational part of the program; the salary must not exceed the salary of a comparable employee of the local education agency. Eligible for cancellation for 15% of the eligible funds for each year of service.

Military Cancellation Benefits

Funds are eligible for cancellation at the rate of 12-1/2% per year each full year of military service performed in an area of hostility (combat zone) after the funds are advanced. Maximum must not exceed 50% of the eligible funds.

Postponement Privileges On Loans Disbursed Before July 1, 1993

Regulations stipulate that cancellation benefits only can be granted after a complete year's service has been performed. Therefore, borrowers can postpone their regularly scheduled payments when those same payments will be canceled at the end of the academic or service year. This prevents the account from becoming past due and prevents the borrower from being forced to make payments on amounts that later will be cancelled.
The borrower should submit a Postponement Request at the beginning of the academic year or service period, or whenever a bill comes due that should be postponed. This postponement request must be certified by the administrative section of the borrower's military unit or by an official of the borrower's place of employment.

Cancellation Provisions For Loans Made On Or After July 23, 1992

Cancellation provisions include the following services:
Full-time special education teacher in a public or other nonprofit elementary or secondary school system, or full-time qualified professional provider of early intervention services in a public or other nonprofit program under public service.
A teacher of any field of expertise considered by the state education agency to have a shortage of qualified teachers (e.g., mathematics, science, bilingual education, foreign languages).
A full-time nurse or medical technician.
An employee of a public/private nonprofit child or family service agency who is providing or supervising the provision of services to "high risk" children and their families from low-income communities.

Cancellation Provision For Loan Made After November 28, 1990

Your can receive partial cancellation if you were/are a full-time law enforcement or corrections officer. Up to 100% of the Student Loan Funds disbursed can be canceled under this provision.


You can receive partial cancellation for service in the Peace Corps or VISTA (4-year limit). The first two years - 15% each; third and fourth years - 20% each.

Disbursement Office

The Disbursement Office is the University centralized processing area for distribution of checks and supporting documents. Select categories below for specific distribution methods and locations.

Disbursement Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 am. – 4:30 pm.

Short Term Loan Checks

Distribution method: Student must pick up the loan checks in person at University Disbursement Desk (ADM 358).

Stipend Checks

Distribution method/location: Fiscal Services Administration 358 Stipend checks are printed every 1st and 15th of the month. These checks are normally mailed to students unless prior arrangements are made by the originating department.

Payroll Checks, In-Lieu, and Balance Due Checks

Distribution location: New Administration 358
Staff and Faculty monthly payroll checks and Student's Work Study checks are all being distributed at the Disbursement Office. Schedule of the exact day of payroll distribution can be obtained from the Payroll Office, Room-252, (415) 338-1863
Staff and Faculty payroll checks: Available for release at the end of every month.
Student payroll checks: Available for release on the second week of each month.
In-Lieu and Balance Due checks: A Warrant Release form is needed in order for Disbursement to release the check. This form is available from the Payroll Office.

Travel Advance Checks

Distribution location: New Administration 358
To find out if your Travel Advance check is available for pick-up, please call Sally Lei at (415) 338-2605.

Accounts Payable, Vendor Payments and Miscellaneous Checks

Distribution method/location: New Administration 358 or Mailed
All Accounts Payable, Vendor Payments and Miscellaneous checks are mailed unless prior arrangements have been made.

Stop Payments

A Stop Payment is initiated by the Accounting Office once a check is reported lost by the student or was never received by the payee. This form can be obtained from New Admin 358. For a lost Financial Aid Check, stop payment is initiated by the Bursar's Office (ADM 155). The form is forwarded to the Accounting Office to place the stop payment.

Normally, it will take 1 to 2 weeks before a replacement check is printed, however, if the check is returned by the Postmaster, the Accounting Office will replace this check within two working days.

The REPLACEMENT check cannot be mailed in order to avoid the same occurrence. Payee will be called or informed by mail that the replacement check is available for pick-up at New Admin 358. Replacement check for Financial Aid checks is available for pick up at the Bursar's Office.

Checks Designated for Pick-Up

To Pick up the check in person, photo I.D. is required.
Under certain circumstances, the Payee may elect to have her/his check disbursed to a third party.However, the third party may not be the requester of the check nor the approver. Such authorization must be in writing. To authorize a third party to be disbursed the check:
Complete the "Authorization to Disburse Check to a Third Party" form;
Provide the reason(s) why the check should not be mailed and why it is impossible to be disbursed the check in person;
Sign and date the form; andObtain the approval signature of the Department Head (or higher).
Note: A photo I.D. is required by the Disbursement Clerk, prior to the release of the check to the Payee or the authorized third party.
The completed Authorization to Disburse Check to a Third Party form must be presented to the Disbursement Coordinator, along with photo I.D., prior to disbursement.