Requesting Cash Receipt System (CRS) Numbers


Payments cannot be accepted by the Bursar's Office unless a Cash Receipt System (CRS) Number has been created that will permit the transactions to be processed through the cashiering system.


Instructions for Campus Departments to Request 
Cash Receipt System (CRS) Numbers

Department Requesting New or Modified CRS Number

  1. Requests are only accepted through email; this method eliminates the need for an authorizing signature and reduces the amount of paper produced.
  2. Complete the CRS Number Request form (Excel spreadsheet) with the required information (Please Do Not print the form and submit a handwritten copy):
    1. CRS No. - leave blank unless requesting a modification to an existing CRS number.
    2. Description - a maximum of 30 characters including spaces and special characters.
    3. Billgroup - only Housing and College of Extended Learning are required to complete this section.
    4. Account/Fund/Dept/Program/Class/Project - complete the appropriate fields for PeopleSoft chartfield.
    5. Purpose or Other Notes - provide any information that is needed to clarify any issues or indicate what modification is required, it is important that instructions be clear and concise.
    6. Request by - name of person requesting new/modified CRS number.
    7. Date - date of request.
    8. Office Ext. - office telephone number for the person making the request.
    9. Email - email address of the person making the request.
  3. Requesting department must submit the CRS Account Number Request form to their accountant in Fiscal Affairs for review.
  4. The department is required to keep a copy of the submitted spreadsheet for data verification after the request is completed.

Fiscal Affairs

  1. Review and validate PeopleSoft chartfield(s) on CRS Account Request form.
  2. Email CRS Account Number Request form to University Bursar for completion.;

Bursar's Office

  1. CRS Account Number Request forms are processed on a first-come first-serve basis unless a CSU mandated change is required, and then requests must be prioritized to accomplish University goals and objectives.
  2. Depending on submission volume, a request may take an average of 5 - 10 business days to complete. During busy periods, such as year-end or an audit review, a request may take longer due to other priorities.
  3. After the creation or modification of the requested CRS number(s) an email from the University Bursar will be sent to the accountant that submitted the request and the original requestor notifying them that the request has been completed.
  4. The email from the University Bursar will contain an Excel file attachment with the current CRS number setup, which must be verified by the accountant and the requestor for accuracy.
  5. Any inquiries or discrepancies must be sent by email to the University Bursar for explanation, clarification or correction.

Request forms with more than 30 transactions will be submitted to Division of Information Technology (DOIT) for mass processing, which may take more than 10 business days to process.