Fiscal Affairs Departments

Organization Chart - Graphical Version

Organization Chart - Text Version

Fiscal Affairs
  • John Gates, Interim Associate Vice President
  • Maria Huang, Executive Assistant

Tax Services

  • Young Kim, Tax Specialist
Accounts Payable & Fiscal Services
  • David Chelliah, Account Payable Manager
Accounts Payable
  • Courtney Cheng, Supervisor
  • Amanda Tobias, Concur Coordinator


  • Mandy Huang, Lead Accounts Payable Technician
  • vacant, Accounts Payable Technician
  • Wanda Wong, Accounts Payable Technician

Procurement Card

  • Jason Huynh, Lead P-Card Coordinator
  • Melissa Naranjo, P-Card Coordinator
  • Stacy Gin, P-Card Coordinator

Travel & Hospitality

  • Edward Wang, Lead Travel Coordinator
  • Cindy Tieu-Nguyen, Travel Coordinator
Fiscal Services
  • Linda Nguyen, Supervisor
  • Vacant, Lead Fiscal Services/Loan Coordinator
  • George Walsh, Collector
  • Joey Bondoc, Imaging/Document Control Coordinator
  • Leticia Valdez, Imaging/Document Control Coordinator
  • Minh-Ngoc Nguyen, Vendor Coordinator
  • Wai Ling Tang, Disbursement Coordinator
  • Sylvia Piao, University Controller
Financial Reporting
  • Yessica Gonzalez Gudino, Associate Director of  Financial Reporting
  • Alex Antonio, Administrative Analyst Specialist
  • Jesse Shen, Financial Analysis Accountant
  • Michael Liles, Asset Management Accountant
Govermental Funds Accounting
  • Gloria Tseung, Associate Controller
  • Amy Gong, Accountant

AR & Independent Operations

  • Cecilia Hermogeno, AR & Independent Opt Senior Accountant

Capital Outlay & Bank Reconciliation

  • Helen Liu, Bank Reconcile Accountant
  • Vacant, Accounting Technician

Labor Cost Distribution / Mail Services Unit

  • Dana Nguyen, Accountant
Trust & Special Project Accounting
  • Cathy Liu, Associate Controller

Trust & Special Project/Grants & Contracts

  • Sofia Peng, Trust & Special Project/Grants & Contracts Supervisor
  • Derrick Lee, Trust & Special Project/Grants & Contracts Accountant
  • Joe Truong, Trust & Special Project/Grants & Contracts Accountant
  • Raymond Fang, Grants & Contracts Accountant
  • Sally Lei, Grant & Contract Account Accountant

Financial Aid Accounting

  • Vicky Nguyen, Financial Aid Accounting Supervisor
  • Ei Than, Financial Aid Accountant
Fiscal Operations
  • Vacant, Director of Fiscal Operations
  • Vacant, Business Analyst
  • Vacant, Project Manager
Bursar's Office
  • Jackie Green, University Bursar
  • Ashley Yee, Front Operations Analyst
  • Vacant, Operation Analyst - Campus Solution

Cashiering Operations

  • Vacant, Associate Bursar
  • Vacant, Lead Cashier
  • Jenny Jiang, Student Account Specialist
  • Jetty Ruslim, Auxiliary Account Specialist
  • Julianne Zuniga, Student Account Specialist
  • Laura Chelliah , Student Account Specialist
  • Miguel Pacheco, Student Account Specialist

Student Accounts

  • Vacant, Associate Bursar
  • Kyle Alvarado, Operations Analyst
  • Samuel Ly, Financial Aid Accountant
  • Sophia Mananagbao, Refund Specialist
  • Jimmy Liu, One Card Lead
  • Kevin Tu, OneCard/Gator Card Specialist
  • Tyler Kuwatani, OneCard/Gator Card Specialist