Parking Information

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Fiscal Affairs provides an online Parking Permit Application for processing the registration and/or renewal of parking permits for faculty, staff and administrators. Permits are available approximately two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Permits are offered on an annual or per semester basis, and can be purchased at the Bursar's Office located at the first floor of the administration building. Employees with annual permits can sign up for payroll deductions.

Personal Information

Review the accuracy of the information provided.


  • You may update your personal information except for the Bargaining Unit. Note that any changes you make will only be applied to the Parking Permit application.
  • For bargaining unit correction, you must contact the Parking and Transportation Department at (415) 338-1441 prior to completing your registration. Note that any changes made by the Parking and Transportation Department will only be applicable and be used for the parking permit rate calculation.

Vehicle Information

A parking permit is necessary for each vehicle parked on campus. If you own, or have in your household, two or more vehicles that you plan to drive to campus, you must register each vehicle.


Permit Selection: Academic year 2016/17 permit rates are as follows:

Lots Unit Monthly Payroll Deduction Per Semester Annually
19 R02, R05, R07, R09, C99 $20.36 $91.62 $244.32
19 R03 $19.79 $89.06 $237.48
19 R01, R04, R06, R08, R11, E99 $19.00 $85.50 $228.00
19 M80, M98, X99 $22.50 $101.25 $270.00
R On Campus Student Resident $54.50 $225.00 N/A
Reserved Lots Unit Monthly PD Per Semester Annually
1, 6, 6A, 19A R02, R05, R07, R09, C99 $60.19 N/A $722.28
1, 6, 6A, 19A R03 $46.19 N/A $554.28
1, 6, 6A, 19A R01, R04, R06, R08, R11, E99 $57.00 N/A $684.00
1, 6, 6A, 19A M80, M98, X99


N/A $780.00