Fiscal Operations

1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 352, San Francisco, CA 94132
Helpdesk: (415) 338-1420
Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Fiscal Operations, Bursar’s and OneCard utilize available resources and tools to efficiently and effectively support students, and others with all financial-related aspects of their campus experience.  Working together, we strive to make the campus community’s experience a success by continuously improving service delivery (process, technology, compliance, etc.), one that transforms and leads into trust and satisfaction.  It is about developing seamless interface of data, services or processes with users/customers, employees and other stakeholders that creates positive, lasting relationships.


Bursar's  Office:  

  • Tuition and fee assessment, and collection of payment
  • Invoicing, collection and issuance of student billing statements (including third party contracts)
  • Reconciliation of student and non-student Accounts Receivabl
  • Issuance of various types of refunds (student fees, sponsorships, scholarships, financial aid, student and emergency loan funds, etc.) 
  • Coordination of all aspects of student registration 
  • Distribution and reporting of electronic 1098T Tax form
  • Collection of student organizational deposits and the distribution of those funds to the appropriate student organizations 

In addition to fee collections, the Bursar’s Office manages student and third-party invoicing, installment plans, financial aid disbursements, and the collection of outstanding amounts due to the University. The Bursar’s Office also processes petitions as a result of overpayments, University withdrawals, unit reductions and status changes.

OneCard Service 

  • Issuance of SF State University photo identification card which is also your library card, meal and resident hall card key
  • Management of the campus debit card program
  • Maintain Campus Center where student can view Account Balances and Transaction
  • Handle Lost/Stolen Cards
  • The Gator Pass program which is part of students OneCard provides unlimited rides on Muni (similar to the ‘M’ Monthly Muni Pass, but excluding cable cars) and 50% discount for your rides on BART to and from Daly City Station during the fall and spring semesters.

John Gates
Interim Associate Vice President