The mission of Travel Services is to deliver superior customer service to the San Francisco State University community, to provide timely and accurate reimbursement processing, and to ensure compliance with California State University policies and procedures.

Location: 1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 351, San Francisco, CA 94132
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM


Attorney General Robert Bonta announced that Ohio has been added to the list of banned travel states effective September 30, 2021. The total number of banned states are now 18.

1. Alabama

7. Kentucky

13. Oklahoma

2. Arkansas

8. Mississippi

14. South Carolina

3. Florida

9. Montana

15. South Dakota

4. Idaho

10. North Carolina

16. Tennessee

5. Iowa

11. North Dakota

17. Texas

6. Kansas

12. Ohio

18. West Virginia

Concur is updated to reflect the newly added banned state. Exceptions for travel to these states can be found here. A One-time Exception form for travel must be completed and approved by the Provost and attached to the Travel Request in Concur prior to submission.

Travel Desk Contacts:

Edward Wang - Lead Travel/Hospitality Coordinator 
Phone: (415)338-2604

Cindy Tieu-Nguyen – Travel/Hospitality Coordinator
Phone: (415)338-2629

Concur Contact:

Amanda Tobias - Concur Coordinator 
Phone: (415)338-2808