Trust Fund Agreement

Fiscal Affairs will no longer be accepting any Trust Fund Agreement requests through paper format effective July 01, 2019. Instead, we will be utilizing the DocuSign solution to facilitate this continuing process. The form is already live in DocuSign, so we highly encourage all requestors to start using it now.


Departments will initiate a Trust Fund Agreement process if:

I. The following changes occur on the Trust Fund Agreement:

  1. Department has a new Trust Fund Manager
  2.  Department has a new Trust Fund Administrator
  3. Department has an authorized signer change
  4. Trust Fund Agreement is expired (effective for 5 Fiscal Years)

II.  Departments need to set up a new fund

  1.  It is noted that Department is only responsible to enter the fund type in the Fund Number field on the Trust Fund Agreement (For example, please enter TC for a new CEL fund)


Contact: or Ext# 8-7140